10 Best Pheromones to Attract Women and Men


Attraction is something innate and difficult to understand. It is completely natural and unique, and trying to grasp the finer points can seem impossible. Despite the mystical aspects, there are certain scientific understandings we have learned about attraction. One such understanding is that of pheromones.

Pheromones are powerful, often undetectable signals unique to each person that can attract the opposite sex. Since pheromones are typically olfactory or smell based, strong scents can be incredible tools of attraction.

That science is the basis of R$X&Co., a company dedicated to promoting the senses and strengthening your aura of sensuality and luxury.

Top rated Unisex Pheromones Currently On The Market:

1. “Drip” Scented Candle & Moisturizer

“Drip” Scented Candle & Moisturizer - Pheromone

The first product on our list is the “Drip” scented candle and moisturizer set. This product includes a naturally scented candle with a coconut oil base, including scented apricot oil and soft beeswax. These scents are naturally alluring and gentle, so the product would be worth it even if it was a simple candle. But that’s not all it is! When this 8 ounce candle is melted, it becomes a heated massage oil that you can use with your partner. With that, a simple candle transforms into so much more! To attract (and keep) a partner, this candle and moisturizer is an excellent start.

2. Natural and Organic Massage Oil


Anyone knows that a massage is one of the best approaches to sensual activity with a partner. With this natural and organic massage oil, you won’t even need pheromones to strengthen your attraction to each other. Your body naturally secretes a variety of oils, and these have long been a source of pheromones and instinctive attraction. This 8 ounce bottle definitely packs a punch, cramming all kinds of luxury and sensuality in a small package. The plant-based blend is completely natural and organic, taking you and your partner back to basic instincts. It’s also totally chemical free, making it one of the best products for a romantic night.

3. Room, Fabric, and Body Spray


This product has the added bonus of being used on pretty much anything, from clothes to your body to simply the air around you. Pheromones are undetectable, more of a subtle hint that encourages attraction than anything else. This spray is similar! You can spray some on your pillowcase or couch when inviting a woman over for a casual night. Mist the room or your vehicle, or even just spray it on your clothes and hair. The scent reminds you of cleanliness and safety, and promotes feelings of attraction. Anything can smell like attraction with this simple  but powerful spray!

4. Drip / Promiscuous Essential Oil

Best Pheromones to Attract a Woman

Next up on our list is this essential oil. “Drip” is a scent often promoted with R$X&Co., and it strengthens your natural pheromones and gives off a scent that is irresistible to your potential partners, one that oozes comfort and safety. “Promiscuous” is the alternative scent that promotes sensuality and luxury. Together, they prove to be a powerful tool in your arsenal of attraction. This essential oil is made with completely organic and plant-based ingredients, and is the preferred choice for desired partners. You can use a few drops to add an irresistible scent to your beard, massaging it throughout to heighten the attraction your partner feels towards you.

5. Goat Milk Lotion Au Lait De Chèvre

Best Pheromones to Attract men

Don’t let the fancy name of this product fool you; it offers a plain and simple service, and that is to hydrate and moisturize your skin in an incredibly effective way! In addition, the lotion is lavish and luxurious. The goat milk is combined with botanical extracts for the ultimate hydration, and its long lasting effects mean that a little goes a very long way. The 8 ounce bottle will leave your skin lustrous and smelling incredible, two things that go hand in hand to attract partners. This product will be your best friend when it comes to properly representing yourself.

6. Promiscuous Eau De Parfum

Best Pheromones to Attract Women and Men

As we have revealed, the “Promiscuous” scent from R$X&Co. is an excellent, pheromone-filled bundle of attraction! It calls to mind feelings of luxury and sensuality, and makes it easier than ever to feel confident in yourself. This perfume has hints of most every attractive fragrance: Oud, also known as agarwood, Italian Bergamot, and Sweet Tobacco. You’ll never feel more powerful than when you have this scent around you! This scent can be worn for a casual daytime outing or an essential night-time meet-up, and it will be equally as effective. Add in the fact that it is completely plant-based and natural, and you have a winning product on your hands for sure!

7. Drip Unisex Eau De Parfum

good Pheromone

This unisex fragrance is a subtle yet powerful tool of attraction. It packs a mysterious and protective scent that will make you practically irresistible to the opposite sex! The ingredients are completely natural and plant-based, making this an organic and obvious alternative to highly processed and artificial scents. There is nothing artificial about this perfume, with notes of deep vanilla, sweet tobacco, palo santo, and aged agarwood. It is the ultimate scent in sophistication, and an excellent choice for a date night or a casual meet up. Confidence is key, and few things will make you as confident as this powerful and intoxicating scent.

8. The R$X&Co. Novelty Box

best pheromones

R$X&Co. has some great offerings, and choosing between them can be difficult. Luckily, that is why they offer a special novelty box that combines classic products with exclusive offerings. Variety is, after all, the spice of life! Classic products like perfume, essential oil, and hydrating moisturizer will fill you with confidence and powerful attractive pheromones. Exclusive offers will grant you luxury and a clear benefit over typical, run of the mill care products. Everyone looks forward to a novelty. With the special R$X&Co. novelty box, soon everyone will be looking forward to being seen with you.

9. R$X&Co. King & Queen Collection

the best pheromones USA

This is the ultimate offering from R$X&Co., and it promises exclusive style, confidence, and luxury. Incredibly, the King & Queen Collection contains pretty much every other product on this list, combining their power and pheromone producing abilities into one irresistible package. The perfume, lotion, essential oil, massage candles, and even the exclusive novelty box are all included in this ultimate collection. When you feel confident, your pheromones are more powerful than ever. This collection is bound to give you the confidence of a king – and the allure to match! Feel free to show off a little bit; with this product, who wouldn’t?

10. Certified Premium Condoms

pheromone online usa

Finally, this product is essential for when you and your partner decide to act on those instinctive pheromones that our other products helped to strengthen. This 6-count of premium and luxurious condoms provide the ultimate protection and luxury. R$X&Co. -brand condoms are extensively tested for comfort and protection, and they are hands-down some of the best protective tools currently on the market. Enhance sensitivity without compromising safety, and the powerful pheromones that attracted your partner to you will be off the charts! With the confidence that these quality products give you, you’ll more than likely need multiple packs!

Trust R$X&Co. – Confidence, Luxury, and Power

Those are the top 10 best pheromone products to attract a woman that R$X&Co. has to offer. Your power, security, and luxury should never be compromised. With our products, they won’t be! Pheromones play a huge part in attraction, as does your confidence in your appearance. The founder of R$X&Co. is Rickey Colley (IG @smartmoneyrikk). R$X&Co. products are specifically made to boost your pheromones – and your confidence as a result.

With these top 10 products in your arsenal, there is nothing you can’t do and nobody that you can’t attract. Buy them today and go forward with newfound confidence and power, all thanks to R$X&Co.!